May I tell a story? It's a story of "beads for good". Not sure if it's appropriate here, but here goes. About ten years ago, while owning my brick and mortar store, I was approached by two women from a group named Rwanda Women in Action. They wanted me to buy some of their beads for my store. I sat with them, listening to them each describe atrocities visited upon themselves and others in Rwanda during the genocide of 1998. They showed me scars and told me of playing dead in the mud. Three days later, I ran an impromptu trunk show for them in my store and raised $1,150 for them and their group, which seeks to lift women in Rwanda out of poverty and a life of prostitution. Why today do I remember this story, ten years later? I took out their beads and am working with them in my new line of necklaces. I show this to you today not to sell it but to appreciate and recognize the power of beads. Since man walked upright, they have been a part of civilization. And the fact that GoImagine gives back to children in need speaks to the very reason that I'm here. Bravo to everyone who is here because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves!

Posted by Deleted (12599e32) at 2022-03-05 13:20:53 UTC