HAHA EDIT: As pointed out by @Terri Herzfeld it's Tuesday. Clearly I need to get more sleep. So...this week it's a special edition #welcometuesday. 😁😆 Woah! It's already another #welcomewednesday We would like to welcome the new makers that have joined over the past week. Tell us a little about yourself! What do you make? Everyone else....let's say HELLO to our new members. 🤗 @deletedmember @deletedmember @Valerie@deletedmemberedmember@deletedmember @@deletedmember@deletedmember @deletedmember@deletedmembern @deletedmember @Heidi Werosta @deletedmember @deletedmember @Ni@deletedmemberois Forgi@deletedmembermemberJen S@deletedmember@deletedme@deletedmembe@deletedmemberam @ @deletedmemberMrsBryce @J@deletedmemberMichelle Prossack @Felice@deletedmemberdeletedmembert Y@deletedmemberLa Croix Schmidt @JBrown

Posted by Jon Lincoln at 2022-03-08 17:30:33 UTC