WARNING: Venting in Progress (Heavy sigh) The learning curve that accompanies selling today has morphed into a cliff in the Himalayas. I'm failing. Some how I missed the lessons on DNS Servers, SEO, algorithms, and GOOGLE Consoles. I mean, I do FB to stalk my children! Now, I'm a wiz at creating effective PowerPoint and Keynote presentations! I can find my lost emails and pay my bills online. I am a good student. (Ok, I used to be a good student.) At the very top of that Himalayan learning curve, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, all Apple employees, and heck, for all I know Jimmy Hoffa, are laughing at my feeble attempts. I bet they pay someone to do their PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. HA! I don't WANT to learn algorithms and SEO. I want to create and live out my golden years in my studio. There. I'm done. Thank you for letting me share. πŸ˜‡

Posted by T R E C E at 2022-03-12 13:08:37 UTC