For anyone having issues where their button maker won’t work with the metal back pins not crimping closed (especially the 32mm)… I had a 💡… I went thru everything my machine came with looking for some sort of padding, or riser or anything to raise the back of the button. There was nothing, but I did find a large Allen wrench. Looking at the machine, there was only one place for it to go… in the piece that holds the pin back. I couldn’t get it to turn, so I made my husband do it… cuz if he broke it, he would replace it. 😂 Anyways… he got it to to turn. It raised the upper part of the mold. And guess what… IT WORKED! The next pin I did, it crimped beautifully! Side note: It didn’t work with the card stock I tried first (maybe if I gave it a few more twists), but it worked beautifully with the 24lb premium white printer paper.

Posted by Deleted (ca03d5a3) at 2022-03-13 21:55:21 UTC