How can you make your business stand out amongst all the rest? There are many reasons that people like to shop with small businesses instead of big corporations. And if you want to make your business stand out, you need to make sure you're nailing some of these basics: Customer Service - being a small brand means you can add that personal touch to your customer interactions. Unique Products - be niche, be different and stock things you can't find in mainstream big box stores. Be Socially Responsible - running your own business means you can do things the right way. Let your customers know that you source responsibly, look after your staff and care about your environmental impact. Are there small brands that you LOVE to shop with? Think about what it is you love about them and think about what it is your customers love about shopping with you! Let me know below what other things make you or your brand stand out. 💘

Posted by Sarah Sewell at 2022-03-16 14:34:16 UTC