It's another #welcomewednesday! We would love to learn more about the makers that have joined us in the past week. Where are you from? What do you make? We are excited you have joined our community to help children in need through handmade! @deletedmember @deletedmemb@deletedmemberhit @ Bra@deletedmemberi@deletedmemberdmemberics @ D@deletedmemberhari Borr@deletedmembermily @ S@deletedmembern@deletedmembertedmemberher @Kim Finch@d@deletedmemberama @Jud@deletedmemberletedmember @Tin@deletedmemberetedmemberdeletedmemberlle @H@@deletedmemberberomi K@deletedmemberlton @ April@deletedmembertedmember@Stephanie Shi@deletedmemberffman

Posted by Jon Lincoln at 2022-03-24 15:08:15 UTC