Hi everyone! Happy Monday, I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! Quick question for anyone who can help & give me their input on a weird and ANNOYING situation. As you guys may know, I make furniture & it’s a family business as most of ours are. We randomly have been getting harassed and when I say harassed it’s to it’s full extent. This person continues to threaten us stating that the products we make are their company’a patented product. After calling this in to the USPTO they continue to state there is no such patent and these are just vague scare tactics to push competition out the market ( horrible of course). Now, after getting this reassurance, how would y’all go about handling this 1. Person 2. Threats. I’ve contemplated reporting this to Etsy which is where it’s happened the most but I brushed it off since I know what is going on isn’t against anyone, but this person has gotten to the point where they send out my previous addresses, phone numbers, addresses of my relatives and it is ridiculous!! Anyway, Long rant but hopefully someone can give me their input! Needing clarity & positive headspace 😂 Happy Monday!! 💕😃

Posted by Deleted (230f54c9) at 2022-03-28 22:26:10 UTC