So I'm a little confused about the whole shippo thing, and I've got a couple questions, because I've never used a 3rd party shipping system before. A- when printing from shippo, does it still charge the customer the shipping cost of USPS real-time, or will it charge what I'm being charged? A1- along the same vein, will I have to create a whole new shipping profile if I connect shippo? A2- can I input my own shipping price to cover the costs of my new bubble mailers and now labels, extra ink, etc? B- I have a printer, but just a regular one. What setting should I put in shippo for having smaller labels? I only use #0 & #00 sized mailers, so the entire package (largest size) is only 9L x 6.75W, not 8.5 x 11, which is what I selected on the set-up because I wasn't sure. C- what sized labels would work best? I'm on (I used them at my day job, and they have really high quality labels), because I know Avery labels work great with regular ink. But I'm not sure how large shippo prints out labels, or if I can adjust that later. Thanks!

Posted by Leha Cichantek at 2022-04-07 01:31:38 UTC