Segues, redirects, brainstorming, curiosity, never-stop-learning-ivity. Who else gets sidetracked from the main task at hand, in order to finish the main task? I've been working on my submission for April's Makers Challenge. I pretty much know what I'm going to make. Been searching for images, planning out the design, deciding on sizes. My project involves hinges, but there are no hinges that I can find that will work with my project. I've made soldered tube hinges for my trinket boxes, but those won't work either for this. So I started searching UYT (university of youtube) for diy hinges. Most of what I found I had already experimented with using copper foil and dapping punches and jigs. The difficulty was in using heavier metal and rolling the eye of the hinge, the part where one fits the two parts of a hinge together and slips a pin through the "eyes" to make it, well, a hinge. Ahah! I found a video of a guy making and using a tool referred to as a Hinge Eye Die or a Hinge Eye Rolling Die. So that is my project now. I've spent several hours figuring out the hinge part, and will spend more time making the Hinge Eye Die, so that I can make the hinges, that join the pieces, so that I can finish my April Makers Challenge. Never stop learning! (The attached photo is similar to what I'll be making.)

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2022-04-16 14:35:09 UTC