Outta My Mind on Monday Morning I spent yesterday -the fifth day, working on yet more show set up features - a spring fence with (ugly) handmade painted flowers. I always think I have to do more and do it better, that painting pretty flowers will make all the difference in the shows' bottom line. Today, I hurt everywhere (look at my hair color. I am not a spring chicken.) Today, I realize that while my set up is important, my practice is even more important. THE MOST important. WHOA! Lightbulb moment - that idea applies to all of life. I think of all of the years that before a holiday gathering I would clean my house for a week, cook for two days, and decorate beautifully, when none of that really mattered - what mattered was the people, the time together, and what we all took away from the time together. "Set up" much less important than the event itself. And the event itself isn't really about the wares I sell; it's about the people I meet and what they "take away" from my booth. Was I kind? Did I smile? Did the potential buyer feel invited, important, and appreciated? No hand-painted wall can do that. The "meal" I'm serving may not be to their liking, and that's okay. My bottom line is establishing relationship. That is the best "take away" ever. 😎

Posted by Deleted (07ceeed2) at 2022-04-18 13:34:37 UTC