NOTICE: Potentially Long Post **************************************** Talk about timing... I have been spending time trying to decide if I should niche down more in the beading space. I've done a bunch of research of my past year's sales to see what is my best sellers. I want to create things I enjoy without wasting materials because of my ideas not being in the customer mindset. Plus I need to work with fewer SKUs and try(?) to streamline my productivity. I have been having a HUGE badge reel windfall and I wanted to make these my focus but I also want to create complimentary items to match. I finally decided to try going strictly with badge reels, keychains, lanyards AND phone grips (aka: pop sockets) plus creating complete gift sets of all of them. I am going to save all my other ideas just for powwows and as special "treats" for my Facebook Group members. This was a hard but, I think, good decision on my part. I've watched enough "The Profit" to realize that too many SKUs can be a very bad thing. So I settled into my new mindset and was feeling quite proud of myself. Then I Checked. My. Email. Apparently the Thunderbird that I have been using as my logo (even after researching to the best of my ability) for over 4 years was an IP infringement and I received the "NOTICE" today. So while muttering my favorite F-word, I hit on my back-up F-word... Flexibility. Got on Canva. Did a quickie logo redo. Worked on new emergency covers. Went through IG and Facebook and tried to do a complete bird scrub. Still have to go back into Pinterest and delete what I can. Not sure what I can do about people who may have re-pinned items. But I am making the best attempt that I can. Now I have decided that it is time to re-evaluate my brand voice and colors. Time to grow I guess. I didn't allow this glitch to determine whether or not my business lives but, instead, using it to help me with my new vision with a clean slate. I'm keeping the name the same but think I'm gonna shake things up just a bit.

Posted by Deleted (c59e1034) at 2022-05-03 21:30:02 UTC