This is a test- if you CAN see the video or CAN'T see the video, let me know either way please! My partner built me this bookshelf after remembering that I've always wanted a secret hiding spot in my home. We used pink panther foam insulation over drywall, and then carved it out in the shape of stone with a hard bristle tip attached to our screw gun. We used regular wall paint to make the base coat (and the "grout"), then used acrylic paints to color the "stones". We used a soldering iron to carve out the symbols along the doorway in Lord of the Rings Elvish to read out "the game cave" and used metallic craft paint to make the lettering stand out (not finished yet). We used fake plants to cover up the grommets used to hold the faux stone in place, and craft moss to cover the edges and slight gaps in the doorway, to make it look more realistic. We used a staple gun to apply a greenery garland along the bottom of the door to hide the gap, and for the handle we used a candle holder (that we got for $1!) on a block that we attached a gate latch, sunken cabinet hinge and wire to. We have indoor/outdoor carpet that we'll be laying on the floor to make it more cozy, and we have plans to make the closet (the wood panel thing on the right side) look like a giant mushroom (with the bottom half of the cap on the ceiling), once we've added more lighting and covered the ducting/piping.

Posted by Leha Cichantek at 2022-01-11 19:30:24 UTC