What do you think about tin gift boxes? I do mostly jewelry and a bit of home decor. All jewelry goes into a kraft cardboard giftbox, I stamp a laurel thingy (acrylic paint) on the box and tie it shut with unbleached muslin and a copper charm with WG stamped on it. They are sturdy boxes and the hope is that the recipient will save and reuse them. (I purposely do not put my logo on my gift boxes - again, so they may be reused.) Now - I've been seeing hinged tins coming up on Instagram that are being used to gift-package jewelry. As the recipient, would you be happier with the kraft box, or with the tin? Which one would you be more apt to save and/or re-use? Which would you be less apt to toss in the trash? Thanks for your input.

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2022-05-15 16:09:23 UTC