Today is the first #welcomewednesday! Moving forward we want to welcome new members every week into Maker Circle. Let's say HELLO to all our new members from the past week. We are excited you have joined us. Together we will create a new home for makers and artists!!!! @deletedmember @Linda @deletedmemberna Hulett @deletedmember @Lisa Marie @Lindsay Drayer @Julie Kogut @Lara Howe @Lisa Kimbrell @deletedmember@deletedmembern @Randi Brown @Denise Kondash @@deletedmember@Sharon Root@deletedmembero @Elizabeth @deletedme@deletedmemberiffre@deletedmembero @Margaret@deletedmemberri Levine @Nancy Allen @deletedmember @deleted@deletedmemberer @Kay @Jennifer@deletedmemberane Hilliard @Wendy Wilson @Terri Herzfe@deletedmemberdus @dele@deletedmemberr @Ruthie sistermoonscastle @E@deletedmemberer @Tammy Sills @Rainbowmaille @deletedmembe@deletedmemberr @L@deletedmembertedmembera Bhikadia @Courtney @Terri Tarlton @deletedmember @Sharon St. Pe@deletedmember @Cynt@deletedmembermberda Huelsman @Andrea P@deletedmemberrKramer @Ronda Bryant @LEADesigns @Marcia M@deletedmemberedmember @Jane Jordan @S@deletedmemberdelet@deletedmembertedmember@Cindy Bianchi @Anthony Mat@deletedmemberletedmemb@deletedmemberS@deletedmemberer @Danielle McGillicuddy @Mark Peachy

Posted by Jon Lincoln at 2022-01-12 20:56:27 UTC