Is it just me? I've been lacking SERIOUS motivation lately. Like the past 3 weeks I've just been bumbling around. No new listings, no working on continuing to update my current listings' photos, have barely gotten anything done except for 6 gardens (2 of which I need to resin yet, and then 2 that I made literally 2 months ago that still need resin). I'm coming up on running out of funds that I invested into the business at the beginning of the year (but I guess that's what happens when you get a whole bunch of new display bits, tools, materials, etc πŸ˜…). I know it will eventually get better, but da*n I'm getting discouraged because I just can't seem to find the motivation I need to work on ANYTHING for the website! I mean heck, even yesterday it took me literally all day just to make a single prototype to get the correct shape for a new type of ear cuff I'm working on for a show coming up in October. Bleeeeeeech! What do y'all do when you're totally lacking motivation? I've got serious work paralysis 😭

Posted by Leha Cichantek at 2022-06-14 17:17:48 UTC