Frustrated by my lack of familiarity (and therefore knowledge) about shipping set up. I am trying to change my shipping from free shipping for everything to RealTime USPS First Class Mail & Priority Mail (Not yet done because I didn't want to hike the learning curve when I set up my shop so I set everything to free shipping. Advice - don't do as I have done.) Questions: 1) If the setting is RealTime - I've used GoImagine's ID number, I THINK... do I have to set prices in the Shipping Charges Screen? 2) How do I know if GO's ID is actually connected to USPS? 3) Do I have to go back and Link all 75 products to the new shipping individually? 4) What else do I need to know? Do? Personal Note: Yes, I know there are videos. The speakers in my laptop don't work, but I'm trying to use them with the CC on. I don't mean to be snarky. Everything is harder when I don't feel well. My lack of patience and frustration is fueled by 12 + weeks of ongoing illness. I've had to cancel participation in five shows. Many days I can't get off of the couch. This isn't the place to air this, but it's part of the snarl of knots I'm dealing with right now.

Posted by T R E C E at 2022-09-18 15:36:49 UTC