Eagles and lathes – the ultimate of handmade On a recent camping trip, we were at a tiny lake in the mountains of the Oregon coast. One morning I saw a large bird, then heard a Red-tail hawk cry, then I heard what I thought was the chirp-chirping of a Bald eagle. Knowing that there were at times a resident eagle at the lake, we took out on foot to find him. The chirping led us to the camp-host’s spot, where - still following the “eagle” sound - we found the culprit. The first thing I said to the camp host was, “Roy Underhill would be impressed”. If you don’t know who Roy Underhill is, google him. The chirping was the sound of a handmade iron tool cutting away on a spindle which was turning on a hand-made-from-scrap-wood treadle lathe. I mean, the guy was not only latheing in camp, he made the actual lathe out of scrap wood, and was using downed wood from around camp for his projects. Once he knew we were genuinely interested, (actually, totally impressed!), he and his wife then showed us things he had lathed and carved. He wouldn’t let me photograph him but here is his lathe. Handmade takes many shapes and forms. And, truly, THIS is the ultimate of hand made. ps. He said the eagle hadn't been around for a while because of lack of fish in the shrinking pond.

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2022-09-18 23:51:22 UTC