Good: My Tithonia (Mexican sunflowers) are in full bloom. See photo below. Good: Today I was accepted for a BookBub International Feature Deal for one of my cozy mystery books, "Kissed: Cat Miranda Mystery #1." (Kissed is the title of a painting in Cat Miranda's art gallery). Bookbub only accepts 13% of featured deal submissions so I feel really lucky. And these deals are said to pay off well. Mine is international which means the focus will be on promoting my book to readers in the UK, Australia and Canada - good because one of my main protagonists is an Englishman from Sussex. Not so good: Etsy is demanding that I give Plaid all my banking info including my password and Etsy is broadly hinting that I won't get paid if I don't submit to them. That sounds like Etsy will keep any money owed to me for sales. Not so good: My credit union "doesn't service" Plaid. I cannot find a single word in Etsy help files to address this problem. Etsy Help is a bad joke. Not so good: I haven't had a single sale in my goimagine shop. I need to figure out how to let people know about my shop so I can make it on goimagine. I'm seriously thinking about closing my Etsy account. But I need to make a go of goimagine. I welcome your suggestions.

Posted by CJShane at 2022-10-27 22:00:25 UTC