QUESTION: The goal of Maker Circle is to create groups to help organize conversations. When makers join the groups that interest them they are essentially curating their feed of only posts they want to see. For instance, we created "The Open Market" group to be the one place people can list things for sale in MC. So, for those wanting to see those posts they can join the group, but those that rather not see 'for sale' posts they don't have to. Here's my question: I've noticed many makers this week share things they are creating which I think is WONDERFUL. It's just a little celebration of something you finished or an update on something you are working on...but isn't necessarily for sale. It's a great way to congratulate, encourage and just see what other people are making. Should we create a "Show & Tell" group for these posts? Basically, a group not for selling the items, but to share what you are working on and for others to engage on their work. Or is Maker Life the right place for those posts? Or is The Open Market the right place for those posts?

Posted by Jon Lincoln at 2022-01-22 14:16:11 UTC