This year has been a special kind of weird and hard. I packed up my business back in March for a cross country move, spent months in our RV looking for and buying a new house. After getting the new house, the house itself had to come first so my business/shop has been last and slow to unpack. I technically reopened in August when I restored all my listings and I've had a few etsy orders that I ended up making at the dining room table. LOL But it's official I am finally back to work at my actual workbench in my new shop. I finally found my good camera and as soon as I find the cord to connect it to my computer I'll be able to start listing new art and updating photos. Anyone else's 2022 been super strange? I feel like I've lost a whole year, when we go to do our taxes it's going to look awful with record low sales, almost no materials purchased, it's worse than the first year when I created RainbowMaille. πŸ˜•

Posted by Rainbowmaille at 2022-10-31 13:50:45 UTC