Beware of plastic packaging tape! I've always used clear packing tape - usually Duck brand. I put a layer of tape over the shipping label to make sure it stays put, and tape all the box seams. I packaged up a pair of earrings from an Etsy sale, yesterday - labeled and ready to go. A while later I realized I didn't include my thank-you note, so opened the package back up - and got a blast of stink. What the?! I thought it was the shredded paper I use, so took that out. Box still smelled. It was the dang tape! I've been using this tape for years. Does this mean that every one of my customers have gotten a blast of eewy gooey stinky smell when they opened their box? Just soooo not good. I'll be looking at other options, now - it's time I quit using plastic tape, period. Beware of plastic packaging tape if you seal up your packages!

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2022-11-02 13:07:24 UTC