This next playing card holder is for the game of Hand, Knee, and Foot. This game is a variation of Hand and Foot, which in turn is a variation of Canasta. (At this rate, things could get quite confusing!😲) So how this works is the initial card hand is held in the body of the holder itself, and the "Knee" (another card hand) is kept in the pocket in front & the "Foot" (yet another card hand) is kept in the pocket in the back of the card holder. These two pockets help keep the extra card hands off the table where they can get mixed up with the melds, books, etc. I haven't played H,K, & F but I do play Hand & Foot and enjoy the game. This fabric has a multitude of butterflies on it (actually, I think it's mainly butterfly wings) and is quite striking with everything outlined in gold. Enjoy!

Posted by Mr. Rob at 2022-11-03 00:31:40 UTC