Did you ever start off in one direction and start tweaking new ideas? Then find out that your new ideas are literally jumping into carts more than your original start-up? You love making the new stuff but still enjoy making the "original" items but you see where the $$ is coming from, so your customers are screaming for what they want to see more of. How do you proceed? Case in point: When I first started doing beadwork, I was strictly earrings, then grew as my skills grew. One day my hubby brought home some Office Depot lanyards that were at his recycling plant job. His boss hated the idea of them being shredded so he told Wolf to bring them home to see if I could do something with them... And of course, I did. Fast forward to now, I started tinkering with badge reels just last year for fun BUT those are now my TOP sellers with lanyards just behind them. Earrings are barely moving and barrettes, bracelets, ect are now sleepers when they all used to be be my TOP income pieces. I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking here but would love to hear what others think or have done.

Posted by Deleted (c59e1034) at 2022-01-22 16:55:36 UTC