Here are the newest clocks! Get your order in now for the gifts for the Holiday season! Many people would love these or maybe have an idea for what they would like specially made for them, The Hocus Pocus one was specially ordered so I do not have that one. Also these clocks run normally $50 each but if you get your own puzzle and have me put it together and do the backing and frame I will just charge $30. And as far as the 3 little pigs, the Rooster, and the Cottage Clock I am going to take $10 off now and make it $40! That is now just the cost of the clock and $20 for the materials used not including my time! So if you really like these clocks and want one it is now to purchase them before they go off sale! I can deliver them within a 20 mile radius. If interested pm me! Or text me at 727-312-7115

Posted by Deleted (fd7ebd5b) at 2022-11-15 00:53:23 UTC