Today my wife, her friend and I attended a big craft fair held locally. My wife & her friend went their way, and I went mine as we usually do at these things. I love craft fairs - I love them as a customer and as a vendor. It always blows me away to see what people do and create with their imaginations! So today I was a customer/browser and I talked to a lot of the vendors. We swapped business cards (I really need to remember to bring more!) and then I brought up goimagine. None of the folks had heard of goimagine, so I explained about goimagine's purpose and goals, and everyone I talked to was interested and intrigued. After getting their permission, when we got back home, I sent an email to each interested vendor with links to goimagine and my website, along with a code they could use if they chose to try goimagine and receive 1 month free. I encouraged all to find out as much as they could about goimagine so they could understand for themselves the idea behind goimagine. I had a great time and I think I made some new friends and maybe my efforts will pan out and we may find some new makers from Washington State soon! My next goal is to build up my inventory separate from my online sales just for some of our local craft fairs for this next year. When that happens, I'll not only have my items on display, but I'll have quite a bit of goimagine info there too! Goimagine is what I thought Etsy was when I joined them over 6 years ago. But sadly, if Etsy was even close, it certainly is not now. So now we all have goimagine, thanks to Jon Lincoln and his crew. So let's all do our very best to spread the word and (gently) pull as many customers our way as possible. (BTW, I still have a big smile on my face due to the wonderful time I had!)🥰

Posted by Mr. Rob at 2022-11-21 03:01:52 UTC