I am the Queen of Procrastination. Who can identify? I make a huge circle around what I could be doing. When I have a handmade project in the mindworks, and find myself dragging my feet to begin working on the actual item, one thing I do that really helps me get motivated, and directly benefits the entire process (so is not a waste of time), is that I set up the new listing in my shop. Even though the item isn't done, even though I don't have photos, I set up the item, create the description, work on tags, etc. I find that just by "framing" the item into words, describing it as it will appear when I'm done with it, motivates me to actually begin working on it. Of course, deadlines also work. 🙃 ps - screen shot blurred intentionally.

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2022-11-29 15:41:13 UTC