Welp. My laptop has officially bit the dust. I can occasionally get it to turn on but it's not reliable. Does anyone know if there's a way to access Goimagine (or Shopify) via a phone app? Or would it be better to pause both shops until I can replace the laptop (probably wouldn't be until we get our tax return)? I guess it's a good thing neither online store has gotten traction yet...it's a bummer but not as bad as if I had to keep track of ongoing online sales. I think I'm mostly irritated that my money allotted for getting myself a french horn is now gonna have to go to a new computer. #musicteacherproblems πŸ˜’ Been making some in-person sales though... actually made $35 unexpectedly yesterday from fellow teachers needing last minute gifts. 😊

Posted by Beka Wilson at 2022-12-08 18:51:29 UTC