A Proposal Indie book authors regularly participate in newsletter swaps to promote their books. I suggest we try this to promote our goimagine shops. What is a newsletter swap? We swap info about our respective goimagine shops and send this out in our email newsletters. That is, you send info about my shop in your newsletter, and I send info about yours in mine. To participate in my swap, you would need to: 1. publish an email newsletter on a regular basis; 2. have at least 100 subscribers; 3. provide me with a link to your goimagine shop, a one sentence statement telling us what you make and sell, and a jpg of one of your works. I will provide this same information about my shop to you. My next newsletter goes out January 4. I have room for two artists/makers in this upcoming newsletter. If interested, email me at cjshane.mail@gmail.com. If I get more than two responses, I'll make a list for later newsletters. Thanks for helping me promote all of us and goimagine. ~Shane https://goimagine.com/bajaarizonatreasures

Posted by CJShane at 2022-12-30 18:47:42 UTC