I got an amazing deal on some amethyst on Friday, and I whipped up this ring that night and put it on my table on Saturday. To my surprise, it was the first thing that sold! I've been wanting to do some more wire wrapping, and these stones will give me some more practice. In case anyone was curious, I found the amethyst (and several other gemstones) in the mosaic crafts section of Hobby Lobby. It's not super high grade, but it's very pretty, and they had both tumbled and rough options for many of the stones. I want to go back and get the green aventurine to make some chunky pendants to go with all the aventurine beads I have. They also had rose quartz, tigereye, carnelian, and jasper.

Posted by Beka Wilson at 2023-01-16 21:09:00 UTC