Hi All, I would like to thank everyone for their patience with some of the hiccups since yesterday. The issue has been resolved...but more importantly we are engaging with a cloud specialist to begin securing things further to prevent things crashing again. As our platform grows with more traffic so does our exposure to bots finding us. For those curious, this does not have to do with any sort of data breach, but rather it is bots and crawlers pinging the site so much it slows it down. With technology you need to continually invest with growth of the platform. Just like life you can start with something small like a studio apartment, but as your family grows you need more space and more security. The question is always "when" to take that next step without needlessly spending past your budget. It's clear we need to start investing further in mitigation of bots and rampant queries on the site. The good news to take from this is our traffic has been increasing and we are getting noticed more....it has just also come with some nefarious actors. I assure you we are on top of this and working towards a long-term solution to avoid this from happening again. Thanks for your support.

Posted by Jon Lincoln at 2023-01-24 20:03:35 UTC