Super Bowl Sunday. What a perfect time to spend the day in the studio, replenishing my copper trinket boxes. These are my most popular products besides my tiny copper enameled trinket bowls. I've sold nine trinket boxes from my goimagine shop (sweet!) and four from my Etsy shop over the last three years. The process of making one is a bit tedious - lots of pieces, tools, and steps. Measure, cut, file, sand, snip, anneal, pickle, sand, bend, solder, pickle, sand, smooth, & pound. Then the lid - roll a pretty pattern, then repeat the same process as the box. Then the hinges. And then the bezel cups and gemstones if those are added to the lid. And finally, dapping four tiny "feet", and scribing my name on the bottom of the box. Voila. What product do you make that requires a multitude of steps, processes, tools, and time to complete? Do you do one at a time, or do you go into production and make several at one go? Show me photos of your works-in-progress - and, be sure to add those photos to your How It's Made on your product listings! ♥

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2023-02-12 17:37:11 UTC