Product Photography Tips *I left this as a comment on another artist's post, but wanted to share it with everyone who may need the tips as well* 1. Make sure you have good lighting. 2. Play around with the positioning to catch the best light and take several photos. Perspective is very important, and arranging your pieces neatly and/or artistically makes a huge difference. 3. Try to use a consistent background for your photos; something that isn't too colorful or patterned, but not dull either. I use a wooden structure my husband made. 4. Props may be helpful. I have a gnarled piece of driftwood I usually use to drape or hang my stuff on. Also, depending upon the piece, you could use a few well placed crystals, leaves or other tid bits to kind of frame your piece. 5. Take lots of photos from different angles and some zoomed in, some zoomed out. It's better to move your camera closer manually and adjust the focus than to use digital zoom from further away. 6. In your listings make sude to include several shots from different angles.

Posted by Mystical Me Designs at 2023-02-26 14:34:02 UTC