So….I think I’m overthinking this Maker Challenge thing 😅 I was rummaging around my supplies looking for something that fits the earth tones challenge, and came across these beautiful jasper beads and I made several pieces with them, but now I can’t choose which one to enter. I love all three pieces, but my heart is sort of leaning toward the first (a wire-wrapped pendant) despite being newish to that kind of jewelry. It seemed like there was a tiny scene within the bead, and it reminded me of the hills south of the Tricities in eastern WA where I grew up, so I added a tiny wire sun and tumbleweeds to it. It just seemed like a tiny slice of home. The other two use Botswana agate beads paired with the jasper and are gorgeous as well. What do you think? This is my first time ever entering the Maker Challenge, so I think nerves are making me indecisive 😩 but I need to make a decision so I can take pics tomorrow and get it entered on time.

Posted by Beka Wilson at 2023-03-29 04:03:23 UTC