Is anyone else having issues with the new Cricut DS (7.0.5)? 1. I can no longer CTRL+V to paste into the size section. I tried to right click (in the box) & choose paste… and instead of inserting the size I want for my image, it duplicates a completely different image. 2. When using Cut Then Print it has resized at least 2 of my images. 3. When using Cut Then Print previously I could “Send to printer… Print” all my mats then go back to the first mat, choose the material, load the mat, hit cut. Then for the rest of the pages I never had to touch the computer. Now, after every page cuts, I have to go back to the computer, hit “I’ve already printed” and choose the material. Every. Single. Mat. 4. The calibration is totally off. All of this resulted in my having to scrap 13 pages of stickers last night. Sticker paper is NOT cheap and neither is ink. It was fine on Friday. It was fine yesterday morning. I worked on three Print Then Cut projects and it wasn’t until the third one that I had these issues. Except the CTRL+V… that just started this morning. Are these all new features or is this version just totally unstable?? Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? I found the FB for Cricut’s “This is what’s in the newest update” page, but it doesn’t say anything about these issues nor does it allow comments so I can’t ask them. 🙄 So frustrated.

Posted by Deleted (ca03d5a3) at 2022-01-30 19:01:18 UTC