I write books (mysteries, some with romantic subplots) and I am an artist & crafter on both Etsy and here on goimagine (https://goimagine.com/bajaarizonatreasures ). I'd like to escape Etsy but I really don't know the best way to get attention for my goimagine shop. I saw a chart recently about how readers select a book to read. Recommendations from friends was first at a little more than 50%. Way down the list at 30% was news through social media. If I apply this to my goimagine shop, I don't have much confidence that constant posts on social media will get my goimagine shop much attention My occasional newsletter isn't getting much traction either. For books, I have the option of email promos from companies like Bookbub, Fussy Librarian, etc. and I can run ads for books on Amazon. Etsy has ads, too. I don't see any option here on goimagine for ads, email promos, etc. Any ideas that might help me? Thanks.

Posted by CJShane at 2023-04-15 22:34:05 UTC