hope everyone is getting dug out from the snow -- we were on the outside edge of it and only got a couple inches -- lol, flurries, right? ANYWAY --- lol. i'm struggling getting views - likes- comments -- click throughs -- you name it, lol -- on my social media stuff. any tips? currently i use insta and a FB page mostly --- like, on my FB page i have 650 "likes" -- when i look at my insights -- only like 20ish people have seen the posts. i know most of it is FB related, logarithms and such --- insta sort of the same -- not a lot of interaction. i ran a giveaway a month or so ago ---- no one --- no one entered. i haven't posted in either spot in a bit --- been taking a bit of a quiet january break, but i know consistency is one key. bleh. so -- in turn -- my views to my gi shop are low. anyone have any ideas - things that work for you? i just feel like i don't really have a "following".

Posted by diane g at 2022-01-30 19:04:14 UTC