To Capitalize, or not to capitalize? That is the question. My logo is a lower case wg (for Wild Gatherings). The reason it's lower case is because with the font I was using, the lower case flowed better and looked more like it was handwritten (or spider-woven). I recently changed wild gatherings in my banner to lower case, as well as the tag line below it, and two of the lower promo banners in my Mosaic shop. My question is regarding business cards. Is it advised to have my name lower case, as well? It looks silly to me, but is there a reason to keep it all cohesive? Like, shirley walle just looks weird. @Stephanie Romkey I know you've mentioned something related to this in the past, but just wanted to check on this before I finalize my business cards. Opinions? Am I overthinking it?

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2023-05-02 21:56:57 UTC