Reminder! #makerchallenge entries are due this Friday! This month's theme is so fun! Child's Play! The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning: 1. Wooden Toys: Create a variety of wooden toys such as puzzles, blocks, and stacking toys. You can paint them in bright colors or leave them natural for a more rustic feel. 2. Hand-Knit Stuffed Animals: Knit adorable stuffed animals like teddy bears, bunnies, or kittens. Use soft, colorful yarn to make them appealing to children. 3. Sensory Play Kits: Put together sensory play kits that include items like homemade playdough, sensory bottles, textured fabrics, and small hand painted toys. Package them in a reusable container with instructions for different sensory activities. 4. Handmade Dolls: Sew or crochet dolls with different outfits and accessories. 5. Storytelling Puppets: Create finger puppets or hand puppets that children can use to act out stories. Make puppets representing animals, fantasy creatures, or neighborhood heroes. 6. Play Tents or Forts: Construct and decorate fabric tents or forts where children can have their own little hideaway. Use colorful fabrics, add fairy lights, and include cushions or pillows for comfort. 7. Interactive Busy Boards: Make interactive busy boards with different locks, latches, buttons, and switches for children to explore. This can help develop fine motor skills and keep them engaged. 8. Handcrafted Musical Instruments: Create simple musical instruments like drums, shakers, or xylophones using safe materials. Decorate them with vibrant colors and patterns. 9. Children's Game-Inspired Jewelry: Create jewelry pieces inspired by popular children's games. For example, you could make necklaces featuring charms in the shape of dice, playing cards, jacks, or puzzle pieces. 10. Bold Colored Jewelry: Design and handcraft jewelry using vibrant and bold colors that capture the essence of childhood. Use colorful beads, gemstones, or polymer clay to make earrings, bracelets, or necklaces that are eye-catching and fun. 11. Whimsical Character Plushies: Create soft plush toys in the shape of whimsical characters like unicorns, narwhals, or rainbows. Use colorful fabrics and add embroidered details to make them huggable and adorable. 12. Character-inspired Hair Accessories: Design and craft hair accessories inspired by whimsical characters. For example, make hair clips or headbands featuring unicorn horns, narwhal fins, or rainbow motifs. Use vibrant colors, glitter, and playful embellishments to make them stand out. Click here to submit:

Posted by Jacki at 2023-05-24 19:23:21 UTC