I just had a happy ending. My friend, Kaye, ordered a custom copper trinket box with a tiny scroll for a friend of hers. Tracking number said it was delivered to Kaye's "front porch" (Madison, AL) a week ago. She just told me yesterday that she never received it. My stomach sank. In 7 years of online shipping, it's the first order that wasn't delivered - we figured porch pirates. It was too late to make and send another one before she took to the road to her friend's house in Kentucky. So today I looked again at the address on her order and did some checking - turns out it went to Napa Auto Parts in Madison AL. I just called Napa - yep, they received it. Of course they had no clue which address it was supposed to go to. What I'm guessing is that my friend didn't log into her account to place the order, and when she was typing out her address at checkout, it auto-populated a list of addresses close to her location beginning with her house number, and she chose the wrong one. "Steve" at Napa is holding it for her. Of course, they had to open it to see what it was - maybe I'll get a new customer! Anyway, I am so relieved.

Posted by Shirley Walle at 2023-05-26 19:27:46 UTC