I'm working on making my shop easier to find on and off of goimagine. I'm pretty sure I made a mistake in how I categorized my art works. I'm using these terms: Art: Abstracts; Art: Fauna & Flora; Art: Landscape; Art: Mandalas Now I'm going to back and change these to the goimagine categories: Painting; Drawing & Illustration; Art Prints; Photography; Sculpture; Fiber & Textile Arts; Glass Art; Mixed Media & Collage; Metal Art; Ceramics; Collectibles But there is ambiguity in some goimagine categories. For example, "Art Prints." What does this mean? An actual print made by an artist - an original relief print (carved wood, carved lino); an original screenprint, lithography, intaglio, etc. etc. Or does it mean you gave a jpeg to a local printer and he/she created multiple reproductions of original prints? I will be posting some original relief prints and I don't want to get them mixed up with reproduction prints. Another ambiguity involves my mixed media/collage works that also have painting aspects. Which do I choose? I'm going to be adding works soon so I'd like to get this straightened out before I start. And by the way, my shop is Baja Arizona Treasures: https://goimagine.com/bajaarizonatreasures I would very much appreciate any comments that would help me with categories and keywords. Thanks!! ~Shane in Tucson

Posted by CJShane at 2023-06-14 18:43:57 UTC