How do you react when "Life" takes over and you don't get to make things for extended periods? Has that ever happened to you? My husband has the "Real job" that supports us, my business is more a hobby thing, so there have been times when he changes jobs and we are moving long distances that my little business basically becomes a casualty. I am currently facing one of those situations and trying to figure out how to maintain any business activity while once again packing it all up and moving cross-country with very little definition of time frame or future address. 😕 Like I think I know which job he's taking but we don't have a house, rental, address, landing zone, start date so there is a chance that a lot of stuff goes into storage for . .weeks. . .maybe months. 😟 Of course there is stress and anxiety which for me usually creates a bit of depression and declining creativity, add to that packing everything up and not knowing when I'll have access again and part of me just wants to sit around and cry. But dissolving into a ball of tears is not helpful, useful or supportive of my husband so time to adult. There is a very good chance that I will have to deactivate all my listings and put up some kind of announcement, I want to put that off as long as I can partly because I don't like the idea of not having a return date included.

Posted by Rainbowmaille at 2022-02-10 14:55:36 UTC