Hi everyone! It's nice to meet you. I've been enjoying seeing everyone's work ❤️ I'm Fresco. My spouse and I are starting up a small art doll business. This is a rough prototype so please be kind lol, but I've been making progress on a posable rat doll. I sculpted a couple heads, then painted them pink so that any small gaps in the fur would just look like skin (will be buying pink clay for the next round! sooo many coats omg) and then finally today I flocked the first head. I'll be going back in soon to trim the edges and lay the fur a little flatter. The ears are a placeholder. The fourth picture was one of my attempts to make a semi-realistic ear with embroidery thread, before someone in an art doll group (not sure if they allow public namedrops) recommended stumpwork with wire slips, which I think is exactly what I need to do. I just haven't had time yet. The feet are also a work in progress. It's cosclay over hinges and wire, so the ankles flex and the toes are somewhat posable, but they do crack a little. I think for my next round I'm going to put all four toes on a single hinge instead of individual wires. I also want to make the feet smaller overall, paint them a bit differently, and try translucent clay for the nails. I'm happy with the palm muscles though—just too big! The eyes are gemstones I bought from a shop called BetterWorldRocks. Was very excited to find black and red (and pink) shiny spheres in the right size. I bought my clay, sculpting tools, hinges, wire, armature, and doll body wrap from Morezmore, who have been fantastic so far. Happy crafting!

Posted by Fresco at 2022-02-22 14:38:36 UTC